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Here at The Maxwell Group, we have been writing and sharing information about the RV lifestyle for many years. With almost two decades of living full time in an RV and no end in sight, we are now sharing this expertise and practical information in an eBook format.


As you can see, our eBook catalog is now offering a variety of topics to entertain and enlighten you. All our eBooks are written with you in mind. There is no hype ever, just useful information that you can count on to solve problems or enhance your learning experience.

Check back frequently to see what's new.

    Look for our RVing and lifestyle articles in the Escapee's Magazine, Trailer Life, RVing Women and on numerous websites that focus on enhancing your lifestyle. Enjoy!  
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Knowledge is power. An entrepreneur her entire adult life, Margo Armstrong has successfully owned and operated several businesses. She is now spending her senior years sharing her adventures.

Her goal is to help others become more powerful by providing basic information in areas where she has expertise.

If you are venturing into unknown territory and want to prepare yourself first, see if there is information in one of her books you can use to be successful.


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