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Selling online is only one of the ways to support yourself while traveling, but it is the most lucrative.

Selling Online
Supporting the Traveling Lifestyle

Selling online is just one of many ways to support your traveling lifestyle. It is also the most flexible
and financially rewarding option available to the traveler.

There are certainly a few hurtles to overcome, such as where do I store my products, how do I ship them, how do I find customers, and how do I collect the money. There are a few more questions that pop up down the road, but these seem to be the major obstacles that most RVers ponder before making a decision about selling online.


The benefits of selling online are many:

  • You can manage your online business from anywhere
  • Arrange to have products drop-shipped from anywhere
  • Find customers by the thousands online

There are many books being written today that explore the online selling scene. Some of these books run hundreds of pages. Inside these massive tomes, however, are hundreds of pages of hype devoted to selling other products and services.

This ebook dedicated only to moving you step-by-step through the most popular online venues, building your confidence to start a new income source that can be supported while still enjoying the RVing lifestyle. We do it, you can too!

    Getting Started
  • Tips on Finding the Right Products
  • Suggestions on Where to Sell Those Products
  • Information on Creating a Business Plan
  • Overview on Startup Costs
  • Tips for Setting Goals for Success
  • Getting Organized

. . . . More

Selling Online.PDF Version

....Kindle Version  

Selling Online
Selling Online: Supporting The Traveling Lifestyle





    Exploring the Auction Sales Options
  • Details on Using eBay as a Selling Venue
  • All the Features of Selling on eBay
  • Worksheet provided for Success the First Time
  • Assistance in Choosing the best options
  • Step-by-Step Help Using the Automated Software
  • Overview on eBay fees
  • Tips on How to Setup Credit Card Options
  • What Does PayPal Have to Offer

. . . . Much More

    Exploring the Direct Sales Options
  • Marketplace
  • eBay Express
    Fulfillment Sources to Assist You
    Glossary of Terms
. ..$5.99 .
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