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What does determine our destiny. Is it fate, or something else? Explore the many possibilities!


What Determines Our Destiny


There are many theories and methodologies about how we reach our life goals. Is it determined by wealth or lack of it? Is our personality predestined to limit our reach for certain goals? Does our genealogy imprison us or push us forward? Does our life training help or limit our ability to reach our goals? Does science play a role...does God?

These are just a few of the possibilities being analyzed by science and spiritual leaders. This eBook explores all of this and more. Great insights and food for thought!



Financial Status - Family money, high-income job, or poverty-stricken


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  icon Personality or Ego - Fear or lack of - discipline or lack of - vision or blank thoughts
  icon Family History - Our father’s son, our mother’s daughter, generations of success or failure
  icon Cultural Background - Stereotypes, discrimination
  icon Education - Community college, ivy league or dropout
  icon Body Chemistry - chemistry imbalance or high metabolism
  icon Pre-determination or God’s Will
  icon Luck - right place at the right time
    . . . . And More
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