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This eBook is created for the amateur photographer that takes pleasure from shooting amazing photographs on the go. If you shy away from the larger and more expensive DSLR cameras because they don’t fit in your pocket or purse, then this guide should prove valuable. All the terms used are explained so they make sense to anyone just getting started in photography on the go.
  Get Amazing Photos
From Your Point & Shoot Camera

  In order to get those amazing shots a basic understanding of your camera can set you free to be creative. Your camera has a scene selector (SCN) that automatically sets the basic functions needed for a perfect photo, but also allows you to use the camera in manual mode for the difficult shots.  

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Amazing Camera
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  Composition Of The Photo
  Telling A Story
  About Aperture (F-Stop)
  Light Meter
  ISO (Sensitivity)
  What The LCD Icons Tell You
  Display Options
  Tips To Help You Get Amazing Photos
  Purchasing A Point & Shoot Camera  
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