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  The myths revealed about men in this eBook can really make a difference in your life.
  About Men - The Myths Revealed
Dealing With The Fear
How To Love, Live, and Work WithThem

We love men but living and working with them can be a challenge. The challenge lies in the ability to dispel the myths that arise around men and try to create a balance in the relationship.

The male role model used in today's world can be confusing and reflects the image portrayed by history, the news media, and mom.

We may think we can't live without them, but can we live with them and still have a satisfying life ourselves? Some understanding of men’s motivations can help you rise to that challenge.

This eBook manages to put it all in perspective. An interesting and illuminating read!

  How Myths Keep Us Apart
About MenPDF Version
  Deal With Men's Fears  
  Understand Your Own Fears
Kindle Version
  Why Outside Adventures Are Important
About Men

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  What About Sex
  The World View
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